Lay down ready for pure relaxation. This exercise can be done with children too. Imagine a beautiful staircase of 10 steps stretching down in front of you, covered in soft cream coloured carpet and maybe lit with candles.

Imagine yourself standing on the tenth step up.

Count backwards from 10-0, and as you count backwards, imagine each step down the staircase are deeper and deeper levels of relaxation. By the time you get to 0, you can allow yourself to be as deeply relaxed as you can ever manage, while still aware of sounds around you.

Imagine taking the first step down, feeling beautifully at ease and at peace inside,

On step 8 you are becoming more relaxed and letting go even more.

On 7 you are drifting deeper and deeper and even deeper down still

On step 6 you are becoming calmer and calmer and even calmer still

Halfway down the stairs you are continuing to relax, continuing to let go and feeling good.

On step 4 you are relaxing even more….letting go….and by step 3 sink deeper….drifting further into this welcoming relaxed state.

On step 2, the last but one you are enjoying those good feelings now, half awake, half asleep.

By the time you reach step 1 you are nearly all the way down now, feeling beautifully relaxed.

At the bottom of the staircase you are so beautifully relaxed, you can allow your mind to drift.

Drift to a pleasant, peaceful place- a place that you know and where you feel you can always relax completely.

A safe secure place where no one and nothing can bother you.

Notice the sounds, the colours, the smells and your surroundings.

Now you can truly relax.

You have reached pure relaxation. You can stay in this space for as long as you like.

When you are ready, you can bring yourself to full awareness at any time by slowing counting up from one to five and allowing yourself to drift back to full physical and mental awareness.