Are you doing your best to practice self-isolating and social distancing at the moment? You may find that sometimes you’re a little bit bored and Netflix isn’t really everything you need, so we have made some self-care packs to help you not only boost your immune systems but pamper yourself in the process!

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Working From Home

Let the essential oil diffuse your home whilst letting the paw paw heal those chapped & dry lips whilst you sip on your lavender water. Feeling tense? Simply spritz your Shemana clearing mist and use the massage ball on a hard surface to release the tension from your neck & shoulders


Boost your immunity system with our immunity tea and lemon essential oil. Our antibacterial hand & body wash & lotion will ensure your squeaky clean!


Struggling to get a good nights sleep? Relax your mind in a magnesium Epsom salt bath with a few drops of lavender oil to calm the mind & body. Spray the dream mist to relax your surroundings & put your mind at ease whilst the night serum relaxes your face.

Skin-Normal to Dry

Germaine De Capuccini Starter Packs is perfect for those suffering from dryness & dull looking skin! Includes a cleanser, toner, moisturiser & Vitamin C Radiance sheet mask to complete your at home pamper treat! (Normal to oily option available too!

Skin-Normal to Oily

Your ultimate facial kit Ultraceuticals! Cleanser, serum, moisturiser & SPF suitable for Normal to oily skin types!


Are your hands suffering from dryness from the excessive amount of hand sanitiser you have used? Give your hands a break with the ultimate hand lotion and OPI nail strength to rebuild moisture and softness again. Apply cuticle oil to rehydrate your nail beds.


The ultimate foot care kit! This set gives you your own at home pedicure essentials from exfoliation, nail shape, moisturiser and a pretty red polish to top it off!


You’ll have smooth skin for days with Pure Fiji’s sugar rub & body butter. Simply exfoliate your body with the sugar rub & gloves for the ultimate glow!

Needing some other ways to entertain yourself?

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*a reminder that due to the governments restrictions for the beauty industry, Cocoon Spa will no longer be taking appointments until further notice, we hope to be back as soon as we can! For now you can shop all retail and gift vouchers here on our website!