Spring cleaning for your skin

Springtime is well and truly here! I don’t know about anyone else but at this time of year is when I have a mixed bag of emotions. I am super excited that winter is finally over and the warmer weather is finally kicked in, but then, I’m like, “damn! I am definitely not summertime ready….”

I personally don’t drink as much water during the cooler months even though I am constantly in air-conditioned environments which means my skin has started drying out. I have neglected some of the visible aesthetics of my body which have been covered up for so long, however it’s time to ramp things up and give myself a little “spring clean”.

My skin is feeling a little dry, dehydrated and not to mention dull, not just on my face but my whole body. My legs are looking a little more bristly than usual and let’s just say my feet have been hidden for a solid couple of months and need urgent attention!

First thing is first I always try and prioritise what’s most important for me – this might be different for you.

1. Body

Quick fix

A full leg wax and arm wax is my go-to when I want to start fresh. Not only does it remove unwanted hairs but also provides an all over body exfoliation by removing unwanted redundant skin cells leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Did you know you can book your Cocoon wax online? Click here to book.

Daily ritual

Daily body moisturisation is the key to soft, smooth and glowy skin. Your cells will thank you for putting that much needed moisture back into your skin. Our Cocoon Vanilla Body Custard ($15) is always a hit and will make even the direst of skin flourish without leaving a greasy residue.

Oh, and don’t forget to ramp up your water drinking. I always find having a bottle of water on hand (even when at home) is a good visual reminder to drink more water.

Weekly ritual

Weekly body exfoliation. I know that not everyone can afford to have spa treatments weekly but why not do it at home. When I’m time poor I do a quick body brush starting from my feet working up to my neck before jumping into the shower. This is also great for stimulating your lymphatic system and riding those unwanted toxins. If you don’t own a dry body brush our Star + Rose Body Brush ($12) is perfect for this.

I also love to give myself a decent scrub just before I turn on the shower with the divine organic IKOU Body Buff ($49.95). The aromas from the wonderful essential oils help stimulate the nervous system and this can be combined with an aromatic bath for a real luxurious treat when the kids are at soccer training.

2. Face

Quick fix

I’m not going to lie, but my all-time favourite skin treatment is a microdermabrasion, hydration infusion and LED (scroll down for a special offer). It’s one of those treatments that makes you feel fresh, illuminated and gives you the motivation to continue with your skin care regime.  Try this combination for instant results.

Daily ritual

Germaine de Capuccini Anti-wrinkle Eye Duo ($149) is a must. It helps with not only my dark circles but the dehydration around my eyes which causes fine lines.

Weekly ritual

While I have a daily skin care routine, I love to up the ante in springtime and exfoliate my skin 1-2 times per week. I personally love the O Cosmedics 3-in-1 Fruit Peel Mask ($64) which you only have to leave on for 3 to 5 minutes. I can just feel the difference to my skin when I use it regularly.

I also love my NEW Ultraceuticals Ultra Energising Mask ($74) which I sleep with on. I love the smell and how it makes my skin look bright and radiant the next day.  Apply 1 – 2 times per week.


Quick fix

For sandal ready, instant pretty feet, regardless of how dry the souls are at this point, a fresh file and paint on your toes will make a huge transformation to your feet.

We recommend a blissful feet pedicure ($95) which includes a foot soak and exfoliation, nail shape and buff, cuticle care, foot file, paraffin treatment, foot and leg massage and polish.

Weekly ritual

Once your feet are under control remember to keep them looking great with one of our great OPI nail polishes ($19) which you can pick up instore. Pawpaw Nectar ($14) is great to have in your beauty kit to soothe cracked heels.

Special offer

As a springtime treat, for the month of October you can purchase any of the below “quick fixes” for $80:

  • full leg wax and arm wax (usually $94)
  • microdermabrasion, hydration infusion and LED (usually $140)
  • blissful feet pedicure (usually $95)

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Love Leanne xx