I wish I could say that I live such a balanced, non-stressful life and have loads of time for all the things that I love and want to do. However, I am just like most other working mums, trying to juggle everything that life throws at me and finding my own groove. 

Having children and starting a business all at the same time wasn’t exactly my ideal plan, yet I grew to really love and appreciate all that women can do. Being responsible for so many things, taking my kids to after school activities, sporting events, appointments, meetings, you name it…it took over and I noticed that I slowly began to lose myself. Nothing was really for me anymore, it was all about my kids, my family and my work. I would feel a little selfish when doing something for myself because in the back of my head I had a list of things I could be doing which were maybe a little more important.

I forgot what I loved to do, who I loved to be around and what was important to me. I noticed that because of my lack of self-honouring, I was preoccupied by multi-tasking and never truly lived in the moment, consequently not staying connected with myself. 

I was chasing happiness and as much as I could read fabulous quotes about self-care on social media, the more I found myself punishing myself for not practising them. Instead I chose to distract myself by looking at Instagram pictures of fit and happy people. People on holidays. People with the latest cars and designer clothing, longing for something that would inspire a little bit of happiness in me. We all know that people will not post the realities of life, but I wondered for a moment if it was just me, or were there others ‘self sabotaging’ or getting caught up in life rather than enjoying it?

I noticed that I was never really happy with what I had achieved and I definitely did not celebrate the triumphs of my work or home life but rather focused on the next task at hand.  I failed to read the signs of my body regarding my stress levels and ignored my bodies aches and pains. 

Recently, I started to think why am I doing all of this? Why is everything not enough anymore? What is it that I’m trying to reach for? Who is it that I’m trying to impress? I created Cocoon Spa in the first place, for people to come in and relax for an hour or so. Find the time to breathe and when leaving, feel energised, refreshed and happier. But most of all, ready to tackle what the world has to throw their way!  I have created this Zen Life challenge to not only help me along this journey, but to help you. 

I am not looking for a way to stop or solve all the worries and problems, but looking to equip myself with the necessary and simple tools to better handle any situation with a different mindset and approach.

Through sharing this experience, I will do my best to offer a helping hand and hopefully drop a little bit of wisdom into your inbox once a week. 

Choose to set between 10mins-1hr aside every day, just for you. Choose not to feel selfish about looking after yourself, and most importantly understand the importance of reconnecting with yourself.

I wish you good health, love and enlightenment and welcome you on your Journey to a Zen life. 

Love Leanne Xx

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