Skin is in! Everybody is talking about peels, LED and microdermabrasion but what do these treatments actually do? Who needs them? How do they work? With Cocoon’s Skin Clinic treatments becoming increasingly popular, we are here to answer any of those frequently asked questions that you might have!

Why have Microdermabrasion?

It’s just amazing how effective this treatment can be, even for clients who are super savvy with their home care. Using a scrub at home is great but just won’t give you the same level of exfoliation that microdermabrasion can. Anyone who has had this treatment before will tell you just how smooth and radiant their skin is immediately after and the best part is, there is little to no downtime which means you can come for a treatment in your lunch break! If you are suffering from dull or thickened skin, enlarged pores or are wanting to refine your skins texture, we highly recommend having a Microdermabrasion Skin Treatment!

More information on the Microdermabrasion Skin Treatment here.

What are the benefits of LED light therapy?

You are probably hearing about LED light therapy everywhere right now, but what does it actually do? LED can be used to treat a series of different skin conditions and concerns, from calming irritated and inflamed skin to stimulating collagen production and cell repair. We love this treatment because it only takes 20 minutes and you can even have a nap under the light if you like! LED is suitable for pretty much all ages and is completely painless!

More information on LED Light Therapy here.

Are Peels good for my skin and are they painful?

To clear up an confusion, a Peel is not physically ‘peeled’ off of your face although many people still believe this! Instead it will simply feel like a gel is applied to the skin with a fan brush and you may experience some tingling and warmth but the discomfort is minimal and definitely not painful! Our therapists highly recommend booking a series of Peels as a great way to deeply exfoliate the skin and a potential alternative for those who may not be suitable for microdermabrasion. You’ll love this treatment if you suffer from acne, uneven skin tone and even fine lines.

More information on the Pro-Dermal Peel here.

How do I know which treatment is most suitable?

With so many options to choose from and different variations of treatments, it can be hard to determine which one is for you. Our Digital Skin Analysis can help you understand more about your skin and will allow our therapists to determine which treatments are most suitable for you. Not to mention that this service is fully redeemable on our range of skincare products, so you can pick up some goodies after your appointment!

More information on the Digital Skin Analysis here.

For further questions and enquiries on our skin clinic, please call the Spa on 8333 3195 to chat to one of our friendly staff!