Living in perfect balance requires the continual adjustment of your mind & body’

Body Treatments | Winter Wellness

Why is it in winter, we stop taking care of ourselves? At Cocoon, we believe that the key to health and wellness lies in our self-care being a priority, not a privilege. We feel it is vital for us to have harmony between our body and soul and how we achieve this is a personal journey.

Meditation – Meditation can help encourage and develop our concentration, clarity and emotional positivity. Having patience and practicing meditation regularly can lead to a more focused, peaceful and energised state of mind. We encourage meditation at the Spa, offering time in our retreat lounge before and after your treatments, to centre and ground yourself with a selection of soothing mediation music.

Massage – One of the oldest and simplest forms of self-care. We believe that having regular massage is an essential part of achieving balanced health. Not only does it relieve stress, tension and assist with removing toxins from the body, it encourages us to focus on our breathing and allows us to simply be in the moment and centre our thoughts. You can find more information on our massage services under the Spa & Wellness tab above.

Sleep – sleep has such a powerful impact on our physical and emotional health. Quality of sleep is far more important than quantity. Your sleep should be restful and unbroken, not everyone needs eight hours of sleep each night, so find a pattern that works for you and let it be a priority. To assist with broken sleep and insomnia, we recommend the use of essential oils such as lavender to encourage relaxation and deep sleep.

It’s very easy for us to become overwhelmed with home and work life, leading to extreme tiredness and fatigue. When this occurs, we become only ‘half full’ and are no longer able to give 100%. Allow yourself the opportunity to reconnect with your body and mind and let yourself become ‘full’. Let us assist you in creating your own sanctuary on your journey to a peaceful and more balanced self.